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We Grow Through Referrals

We pride ourselves on keeping a tight-knit community of clients and building genuine relationships that last over many years.

A big factor in our ability to make a difference in the lives of Canadians, is when our clients are able to refer us to their friends and family who might benefit from our services.

By referring a friend, family member or two, you are helping us make a positive impact in their lives by working with them towards their life goals.

Get a $50 Amazon Gift Card

Every time you refer a friend or family member and they become a client with us, we email you an Amazon eGift Card worth $50 CAD to reward you for helping us help Canadians.

Enter Into a $2,500 Raffle

In addition to the Amazon eGift Card, you will be given a raffle entry every time one of your referrals works with us. At the end of each year, we’ll conduct a raffle and a randomly-selected winner will get $2,500 towards their choice of vacation!

Fill Out the Form

Fill out the form below with your email, and the full name, email and phone number of the person you are referring.

We Work Together

We'll get in touch with them and get to know them better- and we promise not to send them any spam.

You Get Rewarded

If there's a good fit and we are able to work together and help them, we will send a $50 gift card to your email.


Based out of the Greater Toronto Area, Auxiliary i&i Financial Services provides premium service to Ontarians, specializing in investments and insurance.


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