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At Auxiliary i&i Financial Services we have ambitious dreams. We see ideas and create opportunities for doing business in ways that push the limit of what was thought possible in the financial services industry. We embrace the challenges of disrupting the status quo and we thrive in the resistance of being told we “can’t”.

What this means is that you will have an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and develop your business in a way that is only possible with us. We provide you with state-of-the-art resources, personalized mentorship and encourage rapid career growth and professional development- on your terms.

At Auxiliary i&i Financial Services you will be amongst a community of talented and daring people who will support you to become the best version of yourself. This stems from our innate belief that everything is possible.

We understand that our collective effort impacts the lives of Canadians and their families. It is this responsibility that motivates us to continually pursue excellence and become experts at our craft.

When you join Auxiliary i&i Financial Services, you’re empowered to strive for nothing short of excellence, to dream, to create, and to change lives.

Our Core Values

Our values not only represent who we are, but they are also our individual and collective voice. They inform our actions, choices and guide our decisions. Discover our why and see how it aligns with your own.

Authentic – We know ourselves and stay true to who we are.

Daring – We continuously push the boundaries of what is thought possible in the financial services industry.

Relational – We live to serve our valued clients with integrity and enthusiasm, always putting their best interests first.

Committed – We strive for nothing short of excellence in all that we do.

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Based out of the Greater Toronto Area, Auxiliary i&i Financial Services provides premium service to Ontarians, specializing in investments and insurance.


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