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The Right Fit

We are continuously seeking dedicated and driven people to join us on our mission. People who thrive at Auxiliary i&i Financial Services take advantage of a proven business model and enjoy the freedom to drive their development and grow their business.

It’s critical that people desiring to join our team understand our vision and our values. We want you to connect with our values and to want to join us and live them out every day as we grow our business and serve Canadians.

Understanding your unique perspectives on our values throughout the interview process, along with your experiences and expertise, are essential in us getting to know each other.

Hiring Process


1. Apply

The first step is to apply! You can connect with us today. The best way to get the process started is by booking a Career Conversation with us using the booking page below, or if you want to gain some more information before confirming a meeting, please connect with us on LinkedIn.

2. Chat with a Recruiter

Your interview process will begin with a Career Conversation with a member of our Recruitment Team. This call will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length; you will discuss the role and your experiences. This is a general call to get acquainted with one another. We also want to know why you want to join Auxiliary i&i Financial Services, what you want to know about us, and what creative ideas you have to drive our business forward.

3. Meet with a Division Director

If we feel good about you and you feel good about the opportunity, you’ll next speak to one of our Division Directors about the role. This will be a more extensive conversation, where they will ask more specific questions about your experiences and skills as they relate specifically to the role, and you’ll have the opportunity to ask detailed role-specific questions and seek clarity on any questions you have.

4. Team Interview

At this stage in the interview process, we’ve identified you as a great fit for our team. You will be meeting with the Regional Director & CEO to make an introduction and ask any additional questions as they relate to the role.

5. Hiring Decision

Our talent acquisition team and directors have been in constant communication throughout your interview process to review your performance and overall fit with our company. We will reach a final decision and be in touch with you about the outcome!

Prepare for Success

Nothing is more impressive than showing you’ve done your homework. Review our website, gain an understanding of our business, ensure you understand the responsibilities of the role, if possible, research your interviewer, on LinkedIn. Be curious and come prepared with specific questions!

Come prepared – we’re looking for individuals that know their strengths and can articulate why they want to work with us, and how they see themselves adding value to our organization.

Seek clarity – if at any time you feel that you misunderstood a question or need clarity, speak up and let us know.

“Arrive” early to your interview – our interviews are conducted both by phone and video conferencing. To avoid any technical difficulties, make sure you give yourself enough time to set up your laptop.

Career Conversation

Book a day and time that works for you and a member from our Recruitment Team will call you.

This call will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length; you will discuss the role and your experiences. This is a general call to get acquainted with one another.

In case you missed it, check out step 2 above for more details on what this call will include!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Be mindful of your surroundings in your home. Make sure you have the appropriate links and password to access your interview. We understand interviewing from home can have its challenges. If you have any potential background distractions (animals, children etc.) do not hesitate to let us know.

Your first interview will be conducted by phone and will be approximately 15-20 minutes in length. Your second interviews will be conducted via Zoom and will be scheduled for 45 minutes.

Your Recruiter who initially reached out to you will be your main point of contact. They will be in constant communication with you throughout the interview process to clarify the next steps, schedule additional interviews, and answer any questions you have. Your interviewers will also extend an invitation to reach out to them with any specific questions you will have.


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