Census & Investing Trends

By Auxiliary i&i Financial Services Inc., May 1st, 2022

Aging Investors

According to the Statistics Canada Census of 2021, the amount of Canadians aged 55-64 exceeded the number of Canadians aged 15-24 for the first time in history.

Along with this, the census also showcased that the number of Canadians over 85 has doubled in the past twenty years; the fastest growing demographic in Canada. Based on future projections, Statistics Canada expects the number of Canadians over 85 to triple over the next two decades.

Strategic Selection

Through trends and surveys, it was found that the most reliable dividend payers tended to be the Canadian banks, multinational corporations, and REIT funds. 

Another factor that was taken into consideration was the raising of interest rates. The raising of rates is creating opportunities for reliable income through guaranteed investment certificates (GICs) as well as government and corporate bonds.

One guideline to keep in mind when investing, you should increase the portion of fixed income in any portfolio as you get closer to retiring.

Help from Professionals

One of the key factors in a successful and reliable investment portfolio is its diversification. Obviously, it’s not easy to find the right mix for your own specific situation, but that’s where a professional second opinion comes in.

A second opinion goes beyond just which investments to pursue, but key considerations like risk management, generation of income, estate planning and education funding.


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