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Better Mortgage Insurance is Built With The Combination Of Personal Mortgage Insurance, Term Life Insurance, Disability Insurance And Critical Illness Insurance.

How Does Better
Mortgage Insurance Work?

 Imagine a world without yourself in it. Would your family need help paying for your mortgage? What about all of your other bills as well? Better Mortgage Insurance can help. Introducing the all in one product that protects you and your family from any unwanted financial situation. Better Mortgage Insurance gives your family control of your mortgage insurance, not the bank. Our solution also includes Term life insurance, Disability Insurance and Personal Injury Insurance. We can protect you and your family for decades at a relatively low cost. If you die, get injured or fall ill while the policy is in force, you’ll leave behind a lump sum of cash for whomever you choose. 

Imagine The Ultimate Affordable Protection Plan 

Personal Mortgage Insurance

Protect your home with Personal Mortgage Insurance. Choose your beneficiary and take back control of your mortgage insurance from the bank.


Term Life

Term life Insurance offers affordable, easy-to-understand coverage. You choose the amount of coverage you want and the time limit.


Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance works when you can’t. It can give you tax-free monthly income to help pay expenses if an illness stops you from working.



Disability Insurance works when you can’t. It can give you tax-free monthly income to help pay expenses if an accident stops you from working.

Why Should I Get
Better Mortgage Insurance?

Because You Care About Your Loved Ones. Life Is Unpredictable. 
Don’t Leave Your Family Unprotected. 

Know That Your Debt Won't
Affect Your Loved Ones

Even in the event of your untimely death, your debts live on. When determining the amount of life insurance you need, be sure to include funds to pay off your debts, including your final expenses.

Protect Your Loved Ones
With Supplemental Income

A wise life insurance purchase is like buying a substitute for your income that can mean the difference between maintaining your family's current standard of living and financial disaster for your loved one left behind.

Ensure Your Family
Has Somewhere To Live

Housing can be a family's largest expense. Including the amount of your mortgage payoff in your insurance amount assures your family that they can continue to live in their home. .

Secure Your
Childrens Eductation

Don't let your children's dreams die if you do. Factor in the costs of education when calculating the amount of life insurance you need. Imagine the peace of mind knowing their education is secured no matter what.

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If no one depends on you financially and your death would not be a financial burden on your family, you may not need life insurance. But if someone you care about will need money if you die, term life insurance may be right for you.

The cost of a term life insurance policy depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Age. Younger people qualify for lower premiums because they are less likely to die in the near term.
  • Health. Many insurers require you to take a medical exam and answer health questions. Poor health can mean higher premiums.
  • Gender. Men typically die at younger ages than women, so men often pay more for life insurance.

Most term life insurance policies have level benefits and premiums, so the premiums stay the same throughout the term.

When determining the amount of coverage you should have, a review of your personal circumstances is necessary. A more simplified approach includes calculations based on a multiple of your income. A level generally recommended is ten to twelve times your income, though you could need less depending on your personal financial situation. Paying off your mortgage or other debts, savings in excess of your retirement plans, a spouse’s continued income, and having adult dependents are all circumstances that can help reduce the necessary amount of insurance your family may need. Don’t hesitate to contact us to talk more about your specific needs.

A basic paramedical exam is required for most term life products, though there are some that do not based on the applicant’s age and the amount for which they apply. The exam is very simple and takes approximately 15-20 minutes. The examiner will typically request a blood and urine specimen, take your blood pressure and ask questions concerning your medical history. Examiners are not licensed insurance agents and are unable to assist with questions regarding your application. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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