Katrina Bone

I was going through a very tough time when I met Blair. I had been in a devastating car accident and was also dealing with family court.

Blair dove right in and support me in any way he could. He seems to know when I need a phone call, to check in, to give advice, just to talk.

His financial advice has been so solid. When he didn't know the answer he would go out and do research. He made sure that all of my assets were protected so that I was still able to receive disability benefits as i was left unable to work. He often went out of his way to bring papers to me if I was unable to travel because of my injuries.

I didn't know anything about money, when I received my settlement from the insurance company. Blair's clear sound advice made it so much easier to make decisions. He helped me to navigate the confusing financial world, and in the process I gained a trusted friend.