Isabelle Rivaletto

When working with vulnerable populations and individuals with disabilities, it can be difficult to find financial representatives who understand the complex needs of the population and who are able to gain their trust. Specifically, working with individuals who have suffered from brain injuries takes an additional level of patience and time.

Working with Blair my clients have found an individual who they feel is trustworthy and takes the time necessary to ensure they understand the different options that are available to invest their funds and make their money work for them. Blair is also dedicated to supporting these individuals in researching and applying for any additional grants or funds they may be entitled to after creating a personal financial profile with them. Blair takes his time to personalize his services to each individual and creates an environment where they don’t feel pressured or rushed into committing to any financial decisions, allowing the client to maintain control of their own finances.

Blair’s services are the perfect assistive device available to individuals with disabilities which will allow them to make the most of the funds they have as well as ensure they are connected to all possible entitlements. I look forward to continued collaboration with Blair and highly recommend his services.