• Katrina Bone

    I didn't know anything about money, when I received my settlement from the insurance company. Blair's clear sound advice made it so much easier to make decisions. He helped me to navigate the confusing financial world, and in the process I gained a trusted friend.
  • Eddie Donan

    Blair and his team were able to find solutions that give my family and I peace of mind. Watching my investment growth has definitely taken stress off during these difficult times.
  • Gregory Shane James

    With these crazy times and the concern of steady income sources coming in, Blair's experience with disability and injury cases brings another level of comfort that he provides for his clients.
  • Oliver Salathiel

    He’s a very knowledgeable guy who can get things done, but without the intimidating and mysterious barrier that this world has when looking in from the outside. Getting setup with him was a quick and easy process. 
  • Aidan Thate

    Blair combines his expert advice and outstanding industry knowledge while showcasing integrity, understanding, and professionalism. He is very appr...
  • Isabelle Rivaletto

    When working with vulnerable populations and individuals with disabilities, it can be difficult to find financial representatives who understand the complex needs of the population and who are able to gain their trust. Specifically, working with individuals who have suffered from brain injuries takes an additional level of patience and time.